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Apr 16,  · Supplemental essays are a chance for applicants to give more information to an admissions committee to further show why they are a good fit for a school, Davis masseuras.ga: Kelly Mae Ross. While the Common Application and the Universal Application each have a required essay, many colleges include their own school-specific essays, known as writing supplements. Supplemental essays give admissions officers the chance to get to know students, and they’re also great gauges for demonstrated interest. So how can students master college admission essays? The supplemental college essay, however, needs to be different for every application. Thus, it's tempting to dash off a generic and vague piece that can be used at multiple schools, resulting in a weak essay. Don't make this mistake. The sample supplemental college essay below was written for Oberlin.

Sample Strong Supplemental Essay for College Admissions

Boston College is looking for more than just a summary of your favorite book. Admissions wants to know about the art that is meaningful supplemental college essays you and how it aligns with your life and values. As with all supplemental essays, your goal should be to use this prompt as an opportunity to tell a personal story — in this supplemental college essays, about your relationship to a particular piece of art.

You should be careful to avoid self-aggrandizing or pandering choices. When you give admissions insight into the art that makes you stop and think, gives you solace, or lifts your spirits, you can also reveal something new about your childhood, upbringing, or life experience.

This could be the perfect prompt for those of you who already have a few concepts in mind a runner up personal statement topic, perhaps. Where do you come from? What has shaped you as a person, and how has that made your perspective unique? What you focus on here can be cultural, supplemental college essays, familial, or even one sole experience that you feel has made a profound impact on the person you are today and will be on campus.

What do you believe and how will your worldview bring something of value to the community at Boston College?

Admissions is looking to add diverse perspectives to the melting pot that is their student body. Is there anything you can teach your classmates about your hometown, traditions, culture, cuisine, orientation, supplemental college essays, identity, race, or ethnicity that they might supplemental college essays already know?

What distinguishes your story from those of others? If you can find supplemental college essays meeting place for all of those threads, supplemental college essays, this prompt may be for you. Are you an engaged citizen of the world? How would you take other people on this journey with you? These are just some of the things BC is hinting at with this prompt.

Maybe you want to the history of concussions in sports to address the role of sports culture in the modern healthcare system. Or history and literature to dive deeper into modern gender politics. Once you decide on the issue you want to address, supplemental college essays, make sure you structure your essay around the creation of a course and get creative. What is this, the Spanish Inquisition? This prompt is a great option for applicants who have really specific reasons for their interest in BC — philosophical, academic, and beyond!

It asks you to connect your interest in the school with your own personal beliefs or values. Maybe religion is a part of it: You have already benefited from a Jesuit high school education and you want to continue; or maybe you come from another tradition and want to connect more directly with a framework that connects faith and intellect.

On the other secular hand, you could see moving to Boston as an opportunity to grow. Whether you already know exactly how your values connect with a BC education or need help fleshing it out, supplemental college essays, research will help. Spend some time on the school website and dig to the nitty gritty of supplemental college essays programs, supplemental college essays, offices, and traditions that interest you.

At the end of the day, your goal is to cram your essay with as many specific details as possible. We thought so. Sign up for free supplemental college essays videos, guides, worksheets and more! Score our Exclusive Video Brainstorming Guide and more! It nourishes the mind and spirit. Is there a particular song, poem, speech, or novel from which you have drawn insight or inspiration?

When you choose a college, you will join a new community of people who have different backgrounds, experiences, and stories. Boston College strives to provide an undergraduate learning experience emphasizing the liberal arts, quality supplemental college essays, personal formation, and engagement of critical issues. If you had the opportunity to create your own college course, what enduring question or contemporary problem would you address and why? Jesuit education considers the liberal arts a pathway to intellectual growth and character formation.

What beliefs and values inform your decisions and actions today, and how will Boston College assist you in becoming a person who thinks and acts for the common good? Need help getting started? Supplemental Essay Prompt Guides:. One-On-One Advising. Common App Essay Prompt Guide. Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide. YouTube Tutorials. Contact us for information on rates and more!

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A Strong Sample Supplemental Essay for College Applications


supplemental college essays


The supplemental college essay, however, needs to be different for every application. Thus, it's tempting to dash off a generic and vague piece that can be used at multiple schools, resulting in a weak essay. Don't make this mistake. The sample supplemental college essay below was written for Oberlin. Dec 28,  · The supplemental essays for college admissions can be a stumbling point for applicants. Many students put significant time into their longer personal statement but then rush off the shorter supplemental section of the application. A typical result can produce a weak supplemental essay. SUPPLEMENTAL ESSAYS. Supplemental essays are additional pieces of writing required by many highly-selective universities (like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UPenn, and many other colleges), and they can be just as revealing and important as your personal statement.