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Jul 03,  · In , while playing near his house in Phoenix, Arizona, four-year-old Kevin Vicente was savagely attacked by a pit bull named Mickey. But when the . Pit Bull. Two simple words, but so very charged, the reaction to which varies wildly. There are their fearful detractors, those who would have them demonized, having fallen prey to the dogs’ misrepresentation in the media. And then there are their champions, who are struggling to change the tide of public opinion. “Pit Bull” is, in fact, a loose term for many distinct “bully” breed. Jun 03,  · This is a great article. American pitbull terrier is not an umbrella term it’s a breed. Unfortunately so many people mislabeled their bully breeds as “pit mixes”. For that mislabeling the increase of so-called incidences with pitbull bites increase because people Reviews:

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Skip to: content. Pit Bull. Two simple words, pitbull articles, but so very charged, the reaction to which varies wildly. And then there are their champions, who are struggling to change the tide of public opinion, pitbull articles.

While the average score of the breeds tested was a mere In truth, bully breeds are goofy, loyal, lovey dogs, by and large fantastic with children. Yes, this personable package comes wrapped in a powerhouse of a body, one that historically was bred for the cruel blood sport of dog fighting, but these dogs are anything but mean by nature.

Sure, pitbull articles, some, if left unchecked, have more of a tendency toward dog-aggression than, say, the average affable Labrador Retriever does, pitbull articles, but if ever there was a testament to the underlying sweet nature of these dogs, pitbull articles, it is seen in the rehabilitation stories of the Pit Bulls seized from Bad Newz Kennels, pitbull articles, the Virginia dogfighting ring that was run by NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

Subject to some of the worst humanity has to offer, these were dogs that were caged or chained alone in the woods, tortured, and forced to fight, the torn-apart losers of the battles callously dumped in mass graves, the females tethered to rape tables. With the help of a great many caring individuals and organizations who were unwilling to see them put down after having suffered only abuse at the hands of humans, these former dog-ring fighters have now been adopted into homes with other dogs, and are volunteering in elder-care facilities and schools to help children learn to read.

Hector, one of the Bad Newz victims, bears deep scars on his chest. He was adopted by Roo Yori, best known as the guardian of Wallace the Pit Bill, a national flying-disc champ see the Summer issue of Modern Dog for photos of Wallace and his high-flying Frisbee grabs. What better testament to the forgiving nature of these animals? There is much work to do, though, to change public opinion. Many, pitbull articles, many dogs falling into the Pit Bull camp, lumped together under this one inaccurate label, are crowding shelters, their numbers vast, the available homes few.

Moved by the plight of these dogs, Brooklyn-based photographer Bethany Obrecht pitbull articles her lens to some of these animals, who hopefully faced her camera.

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Comments 38 Anonymous said:. That's a great attitude, pitbull articles, I hope the incoming comments and suggestions are equally positive. I know I've said it in person, but for anyone reading the comments, its awesome! ChesterPoumb said:, pitbull articles. This will normally come about where there are sizeable obligations eg in a home loan or some other expense which has installments that need to be met somehow. This intake is designed to replace the factory air filter, and a section of the intake piping that is usually located towards the front of the car, pitbull articles.

With so manyinvitation themes available, pitbull articles, here are a few ideas particularily for baby boys to assist in getting started:Keep it conservative with classic blue. Doing away with trauma insurance is really a rather large consideration and so the outcomes should be considered out very wisely. No single system portion would suffer from unbalanced pressure.

Get as much information about a website as you can so that you can make a safe choice. For those who are getting started they can look at simple styles to start off. Anonymous said:. What a gloss over of such a dangerous animal. Just look up the CDC reports on human deaths associated with particular dog breeds and you will see that pitbulls have a staggering lead along with Rotweillers.

Together they are responsible for half the human deaths from dog attacks. If you have ever taken care of a childas I pitbull articleswho has pitbull articles mauled by one of these animals you would change your mind, pitbull articles. There can often be no warning with these animals. Half of human deaths from dog attacks. Let's not even mention how they used to be babysitters until thugs learned they could be trained to be vicious. It's too bad you had a bad experience and also too bad you won't learn the truth.

John Baldwin said:. They used to be baby sitters? What kind of idiot thinks any dog would be capable of taking care of their baby? Buggy said:. Jeff Boofhead is that you? How is the life of spreading dangerous misinformation going? Great article! I am a firm believer that no matter what breed or mix of dog you're dealing with, the single most important factor in how aggressive or gentle, uncontrollable or obedient it will be is how it is raised.

Whether a "pit" or a poodle, if a dog is given boundaries, love and attention, an appropriate care pitbull articles discipline growing up, it will much more likely than not grow up to be a well-rounded and loving dog, pitbull articles.

Yes, what are pit bull terriers today were bred to fight other dogs, but Rhodesian ridgebacks were bred to hunt lions, pitbull articles, and Irish wiolfhounds to hunt wolves, but you don't hear of people saying that they must be dangerous breeds as a result. And I can't stand the whole "aggressive gene" cop-out. So you're pitbull articles me that scientists have mapped the pit bull genome and have isolated and identified the "aggressive" gene?

Give me a break. It's just like all the other anti-"pit" arguments; completely void of any legitimate backup. I have two APBTs, one is five years old and one is only eight weeks just got her yesterday :. Our adult APBT is the sweetest, pitbull articles, gentlest dog I've pitbull articles met, loves other dogs pitbull articles absolutely adores kids, especially our four year pitbull articles daughter.

I'm not saying her personality is strictly because she's a pit, it's because she was raised properly! Sorry about the rant : Love the article! Far from spending to much money to enjoy a tnf cardigan seems out of the question, however donrrrt possible in these days. If you continue to don't know things you pitbull articles, purchase tnf jackets there are actually your seeks. Few people are aware that the brand was conceived in and was the brainchild of two hiking enthusiasts from San Francisco.

Oh that's right you don't have any legitimate sources Well I don't have any proof on the nanny dog nickname, but in terms of temperament testing, they either scored better or on par with any other dog. All sources are cited in the paper as well. I assume you're referring to the ATTS results, which most dogs fail for shyness, not aggression.

Standards also vary by breed, so comparing passing percentages of breeds means nothing, pitbull articles, if the same behavior from two separate breeds can result in one pitbull articles and one failing. Braedon Walsh said:. And iam not sure pitbull articles you read the article but it explained why there is so many "pit bull" attacks its because idiots like you get attacked by a lab and run and say it was a pit bull simple as that.

Ingrid said:. This statement is very true, families often had painting of their children with their pit bulls. I've heard this on multiple reliable websites as well from veterinarians and dog trainers, pitbull articles. Although no dog should be left alone with a baby or a child, they are a very tolerant breed.

I'm just saying I have met and played with 2 golden retrievers, 1 dachshund, a german Shepard, pitbull articles, 2 labs, pitbull articles, a Great Dane mix, and 5 pit bulls over pitbull articles life. I've been tackled by one of the golden retrievers, bitten by the dachshund, bitten by the German Shepard, and bitten by 1 lab, pitbull articles still to this day I am constantly being bitten by that Great Dane, but never have I been bitten by any of the pit bulls I have interacted with.

Those were dogs of friends pitbull articles I've had. The dogs that I have been bitten by, I understand the situation completely and never would I blame any of these dogs for the bites. They were all really pitbull articles and this is how they chose to channel their energy.

When a dog channels it's energy like this it's bad parenting, not the dog. If you want to actually be taken seriously I suggest you do your research because this information is very true. So happy to see some positive words on the pups I love so much, I do think its hilarious someone flagged all the positive comments about the story, we just cant have anything positive regarding the bullies without some negativity somewhere!! Thank you for this article.

And one of the gentlest, friendliest animals in the world. What an amazing and positive article highlighting the truly wonderful qualities of Pit Bull type dogs and explaining their history, characteristics, their plight in the shelters and how so many of them never get the chance to experience true love and explaining their ability to adapt and overcome such monstrous circumstances.

Short, but to the point, great overview to help spread the word about Pit Bulls. I will share and I will continue to fight for my dogs, my Pit Bulls I have never been loved by more loyal, amazing, beautiful, sweet souls and I feel I owe it to them pitbull articles do so. Love it! Well written and truth is something not seen in most Pit Bull stories. Thanks Modern Dog for putting great writing in your magazine, pitbull articles. Great story. The pit bulls aren't the problem as you eloquently point out Corrine Willhite said:.

I have a very active, pitbull articles, athletic 7 yr. He loves to chase big dogs and will swim with them. I take him to the dog parks as much as I can.


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Pitbull-type dogs make outstanding canine citizens and are loving companions in millions of U.S. households. They consistently achieve excellent temperament scores, are successful as service dogs, therapy dogs, K9 police dogs, and as family masseuras.ga about the history of pitbull-type dogs, the "pit bull" name, and each of the unique breeds that are considered the modern pitbull-type breeds. With the amount of fear mongering that exists currently regarding pit bull-type dogs, I feel it's important to publish the truth about these dogs. Although most dogs labeled as pit bulls are actually a mix of different breeds with similar physical characteristics, anything that has the appearance. Jul 03,  · In , while playing near his house in Phoenix, Arizona, four-year-old Kevin Vicente was savagely attacked by a pit bull named Mickey. But when the .