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The Verify Your Report service is neither an IGI report nor a warranty for an IGI report. The Verify Your Report service is subject to the terms and conditions included in the IGI report number listed above. The Verify Your Report service shows only results for reports issued after June Diamond Reports. Diamond; Hearts & Arrows; Colored. GIA Grading Report A Diamond Grading Report documents the specific characteristics of a diamond. These reports are issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is among the most respected organizations in the diamond industry.. GIA Diamond Grading Report. Jan 01,  · GIA reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. And now, GIA Report Check is available for all GIA reports, providing you with an additional level of assurance. With Report Check, you can quickly and conveniently .

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If you are shopping for an engagement ring or any form of diamond jewelry, the importance of having a reliable grading report cannot be overstated. As a consumer, the grading report is your assurance that gia diamond report are getting exactly what is described in the piece of diamond jewelry.

Bear in mind you should only buy diamonds with reports issued by an independent gemological laboratory like GIA or AGS. Besides the evaluation and assessment of a diamond, the grading report is also useful if you want to sell unwanted jewelry or if you gia diamond report planning to buy an insurance policy to protect your investment.

In fact, most people simply take a casual look at the report and never give any deeper thoughts gia diamond report the information inside it. I am going to use a GIA diamond grading report to do a breakdown of various components found in a diamond certificate. The reason behind using GIA as the benchmark is that they are the leading authority in gem grading and are highly recognized in the industry.

The main differences between these lab grading reports lie in the different terminology and classification terms used, gia diamond report. The first detail to look for is the name of the issuing laboratory. The more important question here is who uses these specialty services and why?

As a result, uneducated consumers often get ripped off by scumbags like these, gia diamond report. The other labs have lenient standards and often over-grade diamonds for the benefit of the jeweler.

For more information, you can refer to our article gia diamond report the differences between gemological labs. The next detail you would notice is the report numberwhich is a unique series of digits for record keeping purposes.

Most labs retain this number in their database in case you misplace your report and need a replacement. The first feature describes the shape of the stone and its cutting style, such as round brilliant or pear modified brilliant. Moving on to the next section is the carat weightwhich describes the weight of the stone measured to the hundredth of a carat.

The color grade is based on an assessment of the lack of color in the diamond. Color grades start from D to Z and the fancy color grading system is applied if a diamond displays a color intensity beyond the Z color rating. The clarity grade is determined by a gemologist who examines the stone under 10X magnification for inclusions and imperfections.

If the diamond is a standard 57 facets round brilliant, all reports dated after will include a cut grade. The cut grade is assigned based on a scale of excellent to poor in a GIA report. As a consumer, gia diamond report, this is one of the most important qualities to look out for since it directly affects the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. That said, each of these Cs are important factors for consideration when you are buying a diamond.

I had covered each topic extensively in different sections of our website. For more details, gia diamond report, make sure you use the header menu of the website and navigate to the corresponding topics.

The finish of the diamond is influenced by 2 factors; polish and symmetry. A well-polished diamond can gia diamond report crisp looking reflections and undistorted light transmissions. For gia diamond report information on polish and symmetry, gia diamond report, click here. The fluorescence of a diamond is described based on the intensity and the color it glows with when exposed to ultraviolet UV light.

So, is fluorescence a good or a bad thing? This is perhaps one of the most misunderstood properties and there is a lot of misinformation about fluorescence. Laser inscription seen under 10X on the girdle of an Asscher cut. For example, laser inscriptions if anyadditional details to help with identification and clarity characteristics that are too complicated to be plotted in the reference diagram can be found here.

Note: while most comments made in this segment are benign, there are a couple that raises a red flag and requires closer examination. Every diamond is unique in terms of its clarity characteristics. When looking at the symbols and identifying the types of flaws, you should pay extra attention to what you see.

Blemishes external are marked in green color while inclusions internal are marked in red. If you are interested to see how the different clarity characteristics look like in real life, gia diamond report, head over to this page here to view detailed photographs of them. Next, you will find the critical proportions of the stone indicated in a profile view.

Note: The proportions diagram given for fancy shapes usually omit values for crown and pavilion angles. For modern brilliant cuts, the absence of a culet None is preferred because a large culet can actually cause the appearance of the diamond to detract from its usual appeal. For girdle thickness, a range between thin — slightly thick is preferred so that the diamond faces up bigger for its size. In the final part of the report, you should look out for security features as they can help prove the authenticity of the document.

Typically, these security marks come in the form of a hologram, a universal product code or an embossed stamp. For peace of mind, gia diamond report, most labs provide an online verification service where you can perform an instant verification, gia diamond report.

Shopping based on a certificate alone is risky and fraught with uncertainty. Remember, knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have about diamonds, the better equipped you will be for making rational choices.

Check out these indepth articles on the various aspects of diamond grading. Gia diamond report for a stunning diamond engagement ring? Whiteflash is a highly recommended vendor that specialize in high performance diamonds and beautiful ring settings.

Under the girdle thickness area, what do you mean by finish? My Gia diamond report report states that the girdle is faceted. Is this normal? A faceted girdle is normal and is usually the type of finish that people like to see. Hence, the reason why cutters polish them in this manner. Can you help? I think you are probably referring to the classification of diamond clarity ratings.

Do the first digit s of an GIA report number mean anything such as which mine the diamond is from or any other characteristic? Thank you. Hi, I recently viewed a website which is a diamond assessing center on Fifth Avenue close to the diamond district.

It is a service, not a jeweler, which offers drop-in assessments of diamonds for low or no charge, so that the seller can go to a jeweler with some sort of idea of value in advance. I have mislaid the link to this service, and I hope that you might give it to me. Thank you for your help. I recently bought a GIA-certified loose diamond 1, gia diamond report.

Are my fears overblown or should I just bite the bullet and send it to GIA to get it inscribed? Click here to cancel reply. Gia diamond report Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. White Flash. Home Diamond Grading Report.

Grading a diamond under a standard 10X magnification. Share This Page on Social Media! You Need To Read This! Find the Perfect Ring. What Our Readers Say…. Bill. Paul Gian. Greg W. Ali. Hi Paul, Do the first digit s of an GIA report number mean anything such as which mine the diamond is from or any other characteristic?

Vincent Schneider. VIncent Schneider. Justin. Hi Paul, First off, great website! All your advice has really helped me find and choose a diamond. I had a question regarding inscriptions. Thank you!

Thanks Paul! I read the article, gia diamond report, and it makes sense. Leave A Comment Click here to cancel reply. Join Us On Social Media! Visit The Gallery For Ideas! All rights reserved. No spam. No BS, gia diamond report.


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The diamond’s report number and all the data captured during the grading process are permanently stored in GIA’s database, accessed through Report Check. If you submit a diamond for grading, be aware that settings prevent thorough examination. For that reason, GIA only grades unmounted diamonds. Fees are determined by the diamond’s weight. GIA tests every diamond submitted to determine whether it is natural, a synthetic or simulant, and discloses any treatments discovered during the examination. Having a GIA diamond grading report accompanying your stone is a comprehensive, methodical and scientific evaluation of the qualities that contribute to a diamond’s overall masseuras.ga: Worthy Staff. Check Diamond Grading Reports And Certificates Online. WP Diamonds allows you to check diamond grading reports for any diamond that has a report or certificate. Enter the details online for the laboratory in question. Simply enter the report number and the carat weight of the stone.